Everyone in France is required to marry in a church before they can marry in a mairie ( town hall ). It is typically a brief service presided over by the governor of France, and it is where you become legally married. Some lovers https://philosophynow.org/issues/108/What_is_Art_and_or_What_is_Beauty choose to perform this second, followed by a catholic meeting, and finally the other way around, and some even choose to do both on the same moment!

In contrast to American celebrations, the French choose two or four temoins to serve as the girls and best person as their find a french wife civic ceremony’s witnesses. The temoins are certainly unusual to be community people, and they frequently serve as the couple’s hear at their temple marriage. Although it is not firmly required by traditions, it is typical for the temoins to use garments that are a little more elegant than the bride and groom may be wearing.

The bride’s father and his mother are followed by guests before the groom usually leaves the bride’s home to gather her. Toddlers frequently obstruct the bride’s journey with white ribbon that she must cut on the way to the temple or monastery as a sign that she is surmonting hurdles that married life might entail.

Many newlyweds will hold a lavish reception at a place with plenty of dancing once they are married. The party is continue well into the evening and occasionally even until the first hours of the following day because the music is generally noisy! It’s a great time to reconnect with pals and honor the happy couple.


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