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Grade 9 is a pivotal year for students as they prepare for their upcoming board exams. The curriculum is much more challenging with multiple subjects to cover, including Algebra and Geometry in Maths, and Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Science. To ensure that our students are well-prepared, we provide a two-week base building session to help them ease into the new syllabus.

At Ambika, we aim to equip our students with a solid foundation in the learning methodology that they will follow for the next two years. Our teaching pattern focuses on building core concepts and developing critical thinking skills, so that our students can tackle any challenges that come their way. In addition, we conduct frequent examinations to track the progress of our students. Our oral sessions are particularly effective in fostering one-to-one interaction and immediate feedback, while our written exams help students develop their writing skills and prepare them for the upcoming board exams.

We understand that parents are keen to monitor their child’s progress, which is why we provide them with a mobile app that displays a year-long performance history of their child. This allows parents to track their child’s progress at any time and gives them a clear understanding of their child’s strengths and weaknesses. We also encourage our students to embrace good values and cultivate positive habits that will help them succeed not only in academics, but in their personal lives as well.

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