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Grade 8 marks the beginning of a critical period for students as they prepare for their board exams. At Ambika, we recognize the importance of this year and strive to make it a special one for our students. With more challenging concepts in Maths and Science, we emphasize core learning and understanding to help them develop the necessary skills for their future academic pursuits.

Moreover, we understand that students in this age group are beginning to mature and develop their own identities. As such, we strive to instill good values and promote a positive learning environment that allows students to grow both academically and personally. With a focus on language writing skills, we encourage our students to develop their communication and critical thinking abilities, which will serve them well throughout their academic and professional careers.

To ensure our students are well prepared for their board exams, we closely monitor their progress throughout the year and provide them with individualized attention as needed. Our experienced teachers work tirelessly to keep up with the syllabus of various schools and ensure that our students have a solid understanding of all the topics covered. With a small teacher-student ratio, we are able to provide personalized attention and support to each of our students, helping them achieve academic success and personal growth.

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